Thursday, 29 August 2013

The itch to blog


It’s been oddly quiet on this blog, even though my life has been so busy. I have been sewing, renovating, gardening, baking, travelling, learning and enjoying life in general. I miss blogging and I miss the focus that it gives to my life. I miss the motivation it gives me to make memories that I can post on here.

Long story short: I’m back and it will be an interesting time indeed. Five years in London are coming to an end in three days time when I will officially move all my belongings into my new room in Oxford. My PhD there will start at the beginning of October and until then I have a summer school in Astronomy and a two week trip to Japan planned. Life is currently amazing.


How have you all been?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

This week


MADE – all the cake. In the world.

ENJOYED – walking barefoot. Finally!

THOUGHT – What is the point of having an amazing lawn if anything but sitting quietly on it will get you yelled at?

LAUGHED AT – the mister balancing a stuffed sheet on his nose.

WORRIED ABOUT – Moving out and finding a room in Oxford. I don’t want to :(

CARED FOR – The flowers in the garden. I’m loving the way my little garden is looking at the moment

SEARCHED FOR – My passport. It turned out to have fallen behind the bed.

GRIEVED FOR – My grandfather, who passed away after a long illness.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

The tea party









The tea party was a full success. Sunshine, cakes, good friends, tea, hugs, fruits, lemonade and laughter combined to make a wonderful day. I was incredibly busy the last two days, trying to get everything ready.I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed it, from the baking to the decorating. Maybe I will do it again next year.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Location scouting and first baking attempts

Do you see that? Sunshine! Reasonably warm temperatures! This means I can have my little tea party in the garden! *happy dance*


I was thinking of clearing out all the things standing there and putting my desk under the kitchen window for all the food. I don’t know what that flower on the right is but it smells amazing at the moment and it hast just opened its blossoms. Perfect!


I will add another little table to this one and drag out all the chairs in the house. I think we should just about have enough space.


This little line of bunting currently decorates our bedroom but I think it fits perfectly with the theme. The Mister will hate it but since it’s my tea party I am overruling him and putting it up outside. Life is hard sometimes…


I also started baking yesterday. Among other things I have decided to make the little apple pies as well as miniature tarte au citron. I briefly considered buying the pastry cases but then pride took over. Surely I can make these myself. I was a little afraid that the dough would stick to my muffin trays and just come out in crumbs so I cut out little circles of baking paper to line the tray.


I started with a shortcrust pastry,


cut it out using a glass,


and put it into the tray. I added foil and lentils for blind baking and it was pretty much ready.


25 minutes (and some quite burned fingers) later I was seriously proud of myself.


They are not perfectly even but they come out of the tray easily and they are golden and crispy. I will make the filling later today.


I also prepared the filling for the apple pies. That was fairly easy in comparison.


Since the party is happening tomorrow I will need to get into gear to get things ready. I have tickets for the Ice Age exhibition today so I won’t get back to baking (and cleaning –.-) until tonight. This is bound to get hectic towards the end but I am so excited, I’ll be able to cope with anything!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Planning a tea party


It has been almost two years since I hosted my last tea party and that is definitely too long. Sunday happens to be my half-birthday and since I never got round to celebrating the last one so I'm rolling both into one and having a half-birthday tea party next Sunday.

The invitations went out ages ago and 16 people are coming along. Today I set about solving the crockery problem. I'm planning on making home-made lemonade and as I happened to drop our water jug a few weeks ago I needed replacements. Luckily we have some great charity shops around here so I treated myself to an afternoon of thrifting. 

I ended up finding a carafe, a jug and a metal tea pot and spent only about 10 pounds. I love charity shops.


I went into another shop planning to buy paper cups and napkins but a cake stand and another bottle somehow magically ended up in my basket as well. I never know how this happens….


For some obscure reason our cupboards contain large stacks of small plates. Normally they are nuisance but this time I’m quite glad. Together with a whole collection of tea cups, my usual tea pot and a few other bits and pieces I should have presentation covered by this point.


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Prior Park – Bath


I have seen an embarrassingly small number of places in England considering I have lived here for almost five years by this point. To rectify that the Mister and I did a daytrip to bath. The first two hours took us to Prior park, a lovely English garden with some absolutely stunning views. If you ever go to Bath, the park is well worth the entry fee, especially on a sunny day.








Monday, 27 May 2013

This week


BAKED – A (very heavy) chocolate cream cake.

LEARNED – to crochet again.

DRANK – mead for the first time in years. So tasty.

ENJOYED – the one day of sunshine

THOUGHT – about talking and listening

BOUGHT – a tin whistle. I want to make music.

DISCOVERED – a new bar that plays very nice music on the worst sound system in the world. Pity.

WATCHED – the first few episodes of “Game of Thrones”. I am months behind, I know.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Last week

Ancient wall

VISITED – The science museum

LOVED – Jasmine tea. I could drink that stuff by the teapot full at the moment

THOUGHT – Why has nobody ever told me that buying freshly cut salami at the counter is so much cheaper than buying it pre-packaged?

WAITED FOR – Sunshine. As ever.

CONTACTED – An old friend. So worth it.

PLAYED – A computer game called “Don’t starve” I died a lot.

BOUGHT – An electrical whisk. Whipped cream and whipped egg white, here I come!

MADE – Tart au citron and crème brûlée. The latter needs another attempt I think.

DISCOVERED – That there are really cheap ways to travel around England, if one plans ahead a bit.